Thursday, May 17, 2007

US recommendations on acute coronary care in the elderly with myocardial infarction

This 2-part American Heart Association scientific statement summarises evidence on patient heterogeneity, clinical presentation, and treatment of non–ST-elevation ACS in relation to age (<65,>/=85 years), and summarises evidence on presentation and treatment of ST-segment–elevation myocardial infarction in relation to age (<65,>/=85 years). The primary goal is to identify the areas in which sufficient evidence is available to guide practice, as well as to determine areas that warrant further study. The two reviews discuss the evidence behind reperfusion therapy, and adjunctive treatment with agents such as antiplatelet therapy, antithrombin, and adjunctive therapy with beta-blockers, renin–angiotensin blockade, nitrates, and statins.

non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome statement: Circulation 2007; 115: 2549-69;
STEMI statement: Circulation 2007; 115: 2570-89 (links to abstracts, full text freely available at time of posting)

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